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Have you ever been referred to someone and immediately you get the feeling she is hearing what you are saying - is interested in you as a person and will develop a plan to help you? You respond to her enthusiasm and start the recommended three times a week program - for two weeks - expecting little but hoping for some improvement with your 25 years of back pain.

On our first visit Dr. Paula did a very thorough review of not only of my skeletal system but also my medical history, prescriptions and supplements and carefully read my latest MRI. After asking me some pertinent questions she gave me a physical exam and began my first treatment. Now I’m walking out of the office hoping for the best but really expecting just more of the same old lack of results.

I completed the first week and I am thrilled to say that after singles tennis that night my pain level went down from a 7 to a 3. The next morning when I woke up and started the slow process of getting out of bed I quickly noticed I was stiff but not in pain - a first in years - and thankfully I did not have to use the heating pad to get moving for the day.

We are into the second week (five visits) and I have not had to use my ice pack after tennis and my pain level remains at 3 during tennis and is negligible the morning after. Tomorrow I am going to call the Jupiter Medical Center and cancel the Radio Ablation Treatment I was going to interview for to deaden the nerves in my lower back.

I strongly recommend you call Dr. Paula and allow her to listen to your needs and I truly hope it goes as well for you as it has for me.

Larry Stephens
Juno Beach, FL

Dr.Paula is the 4th Chiropractor I have seen and, by far the best!
My back requires TLC from time to time and she understands how to 
get it back into a pain-free state.


We have been to many Chiropractors over the last 35 years - 
but we have never experienced a doctor who could simply hold 
your head in her hands and with infinitesimal movement, 
coax the vertebrae into alignment. Consider yourself fortunate 
if you become her patient. - D. & G. Colnaghi 


Dr. Paula hands were put here to help people.  
She is amazing!
                                                   M. Gaballa

Dr. Paula gave me my life back!
Really, 7 or 8 sessions erased 30 years of sciatic pain, excuciating leg pain 
and muscle cramps. I could hardly walk from my car to her office; now I run 
4 to 5 miles at a time...on the beach! I've returned for occasional "tune-ups".
Thank you Dr. Paula.

Mark Marino

I've been to many chiropractors over 65 years and Dr. Paula always seems to know what will 

work for me - and very gentle too!

-Jody D.

Dr. Paula Newmark is a lifesaver. My back was in constant pain and getting 

worse all the time. Finally I referred to her and she has performed 

miracles. I haven't felt this good in years. She is great!

Richard Kauff


I herniated L4 + L5 25 years ago, later to learn I also have bulging discs in C1 - C7. In addition to spinal issues, I have had problems with shingles and TMJ. Dr. Paula has been caring for me for over 10 years. She knows were I hurt before I do. Now, I make sure to tell her any issues I may be having because she knows exactly what to do to alleviate it. She has saved me from many unnecessary primary care visits, as well as surgery.

- T.


I realize all testimonials start off the same, but Dr. Paula Newmark really is the BEST chiropractic physician hands down! After trying 8 different chiropractors in the past 20 years, I was referred to Dr. Newmark by a neighbor. I'm thrilled to be able to say that she stopped the ringing in my right ear, relieved my neck and shoulder pain, and resolved an unexplained tooth pain.

 I went to her for severe pain in my shoulders and neck which was causing 3 day headaches. After one visit I noticed the pain I had in my tooth when I bit on it was gone. This tooth had been bothering me for an entire year. I had been to the dentist to check it over and over but he found no issue with the tooth. I was ready to have it pulled out.

 After the first visit the headache stopped thank God! (And Dr. Newmark of course) I continued treatment and it was about my 5th visit that I noticed the ringing in my ear stopped. What a relief, real quiet!

 During the course of my treatments I continued to feel better and better. Her style is gentle yet so affective. I highly recommend Dr. Newmark! She really is the Best of the Best!

 C. Purcell
 Retired Science Teacher

One of my primary concerns when I moved to this area two years ago was finding a really good chiropractor. As I live in the Bluffs in Jupiter, it seemed logical that I at least try the chiropractor at the Bluffs Shopping Center. I really like the appeal of "One Stop Shopping!" Actually, I was somewhat hesitant not getting a referral. Let me say without any hesitation, the choice was well worth the gamble. I would highly recommend Dr. Paula Newmark and her very warm and competent staff. As you are probably already are aware, this lady is pretty small stature, but let it not be said that it's a detriment in her profession. She has amazing little techniques for enabling you to relax your body during the adjustment. I'm sure you've heard the expression "small, but might!" Well that's our Paula! Don't hesitate to try Dr. Newmark when you next need chiropractic care. You will not be disappointed!

Sincerely, E.H.

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